Athletic Edge & Wellness

Athletic Edge and Wellness specializes in a continuum of care from physical therapy, to sports performance, and ongoing recovery and wellness for our local athletes; with an emphasis on the baseball and softball player.

Throwing a base/softball is one of the most stressful and complicated movements in sports.  It requires the dynamic and coordinated muscular effort from head to toe.  Any problem or small change in mechanics can quickly lead to pain and injury. 

Not all physical therapists possess the expertise in working with unique needs of throwers and pitchers.  As a Certified Champion Sports Performance Specialist, we have the additional training and certification to treat your athlete. By training with the best minds across the country, we can provide consistent high-quality individualized treatment that delivers faster results with excellent outcomes. As a Certified On-Base University Pitching and Hitting Expert we can help your player get to the next level.


1Top Prospect

1Top Prospect’s passion is helping high school and college students achieve their goals and dreams of making a college baseball team.

We are a college baseball prospect placement service that provides personal attention to a student-athlete on their recruiting journey. We help families and their student-athlete navigate through the difficult college recruiting process. With our experienced Recruiting Coaches, we are dedicated to finding the right fit for the player, both athletically and also academically. Unlike other recruiting services, we take a personal approach to recruiting starting from day one and continue to when the student-athlete signs their National Letter of Intent with a college. We are unique in that we coach our families through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) government college site, help the student-athlete with the college application process, set up college visits (prep the student prior to the visit), walk through the NCAA/NAIA Clearing House/Eligibility site, plus mentor the student-athlete with goals and grades.

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Oates Specialties LLC

Oates Specialties sells select conditioning equipment and accessories for the elite athlete under our proprietary TAP Conditioning™®, KHAOS®, SpeedChain® and Pitching Pad™’ product lines. We offer unique training equipment that targets the fast twitch ATP energy system so that athletes in all sports can become more explosive, dynamic, and athletic. Many of our products also help to improve functional strength, such as rotational power and speed that is critical for sports like baseball, tennis, and golf. A number of our products are designed for the specific needs of the throwing athlete to enable him or her to realize superior arm health and increased velocity. Whether your goal is to become faster, stronger, quicker, or to jump higher, throw harder, and hit it farther, or simply become a more durable athlete, we have the conditioning tools that will help you achieve that objective.

The Effect of Air on Baseball Pitches

One of the best, if not the best, descriptions of the effect of air on baseball pitches can be found at the link below.  This site is Copyright © Michael Richmond and conforms to a Creative Commons License.  We have not added to it or modified it in any way.  Our Illinois Baseball Edge staff would like to credit Mr. Richmond with an incredibly well rounded and deep dive into factors that include Pitching in a Vacuum, Moving Against Air Resistance, Adding Spin to the Ball, Three Simple Pitches: fastball, change, curve, How to “disguise” a Pitch, Typical Curves are Tilted, and The Difference Between Pitches Thrown by Righties and Lefties.  This site is, internal to our company, the source of a funny story.  When I shared the link with our own chief data officer and scientist, Jay Burke, he took a hard look.  He was flabbergasted.  As an undergraduate student he had tried to explain some of the details described by Mr. Richmond and had run into a few problems.  At the time he left off to pursue other things (double majors are hard) and had not come fully around to this particular topic in the interim years.  And while Jay gravitated to the formulas, some of our staff gravitated to the text and graphics.  We hope that if you are a true student of baseball you will enjoy this page immensely.  Thanks to Mr. Richmond for helping to improve our sport.