360º Approach to giving YOU the Edge

The Illinois Baseball Edge, Ltd. works with elite overhead throwing athletes 12-years old through the professional level using a personalized approach.  We tailor our approach to YOUR unique needs.  First we create a player baseline (current state), so that we can demonstrate progress through measurable results.  Our player specific service plan addresses your highest priorities.  In any given year a player may need help with velocity, arm care, recovery, command, developing swing and miss “stuff”, pitch design, or building a bigger engine through physical training and performance therapy.  Planning cycles adapt both to individual needs from season-to-season and to changes occurring in our sport over time.  Our company is dedicated to on-going continuing education for our staff to take advantage of breakthroughs as they occur in the areas of sports medicine, motor learning and skills acquisition, physical training, bio-mechanics, kinesiology, and coaching.  Welcome to the Edge.

01. Establishing Your Specific Baselines and Assessing Constraints

  • Mobility & Strength Assessment –Physical Constraints (S.C.O.R.E)
  • Age Related Velocity Assessment
  • Control Assessment
  • Swing & Miss Assessment
  • Recovery Assessment
  • Video Analysis
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body
    • Mechanical Constraints
  • Video Overlay Analysis
    • Compare Different Types of Pitches
    • Release Point Analysis
    • Vertical & Horizontal Movement

02. Preparing and Training the Body

  • Movement vs. Mechanics Training
  • Player Specific Goals and Development
  • Reduce or Eliminate Mechanical Inefficiencies with Player Centric Training
  • Baseball / Softball Specific Strength & Conditioning
  • Player Specific Arm Care Program
  • Lower Half Development Program
  • Dynamic Wake-Up / Warm-Up Plan
  • Recovery Planning
  • Need for:
    • Performance Therapy
    • Personal Training
    • Physical Therapy

03. Improving Velocity and Pitch Design

  • Velocity Improvement Program
    • Understanding the Risks
    • High Speed Data Analysis Tools
    • On-Going Video Analysis
    • Long Toss
    • Weighted Balls
    • Cycling of Work Load (management)
    • Blending of Drills
  • Pitch Design
    • Arm Slot
    • Release Point
    • Pitch Tunneling
    • Developing “Swing & Miss Stuff”