Jay Burke

How Do High School Stats Compare to the MLB?

Ernie and I found an article in Sports Illustrated by the great Tom Verducci back in 2016 entitled “New data results show high school baseball similar to MLB”. This article caused some serious discussion.

Some Thoughts On Data And Data Sources For TJS Analysis

I’m planning a series of posts that have to do with where I get data and some of the things I’ve done with it to come to various conclusions. You may find some of these more interesting than others but I believe it is important to share thought processes and sources so that others may dive in to the depth of their level of interest.

We Can Be Deceived About The Seriousness Of The Epidemic Of Tommy John Surgeries If We Are Only Looking At MLB Pitcher Outcomes

An easy misunderstanding, of which our company hopes to rid the baseball community, is that the rates at which things happen at the MLB level are always the same rates at which those things happen at lower levels of baseball. When there is an absence of data and research at the lower levels, we usually just hope that the rates at which things happen at the MLB level, and which we can prove thanks to the greater availability of data, must also be happening at the same rate at the high school level. Our company is working toward gathering more data, particularly at the high school level, to see what conclusions can be drawn.